Welcome to the DART Project

NOTE: this site is being retired. We have moved the DART Project to a permanent home at the Open Science Framework. Please come find us there. The permanent URL is: https://osf.io/kh2y6/. THANKS!


Welcome to the web space for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) -funded project titled, “Analysis of data management plans as a means to inform and empower academic librarians in providing research data support.” We refer to the project in more informal terms as “The DART Project” (DART = Data management plans as A Research Tool).

This two-year National Leadership Grant for Libraries Demonstration Project, led by Oregon State University in collaboration with the University of Oregon, the University of Michigan, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Pennsylvania State University, will facilitate a multi-university study of faculty data management plans (DMPs). The primary outputs of this project will be:

  1. An analytic rubric to standardize the review of data management plans as a means to inform targeted expansion or development of research data services at academic libraries;
  2. A study utilizing the rubric that presents the results of data management plan analyses at five universities.

This website will serve both as a source to obtain continued updates and information on the development of the DART rubric as well as a dissemination platform for our work and links to other DMP resources. Please continue to check back for updates on the site, where announcements and news will be posted as they become available.